Natural Family Photography Competition

If you won the lottery (yay!) and had the chance to move into a new home with new furniture, clothes and kitchen appliances and could only bring one box with you what would you bring? I know for me it would be my family photographs. The ones from my childhood all the way through to the ones that document my children’s lives up to now.

I would be so so sad to lose them. Looking back through them jogs memories and takes me back to that moment and all of the moments around it. The holidays I took when I was little, the Jack Russel terrier we grew up with that I still miss to this day, my children as babies when they were so squishy and curled up asleep on my chest. The times we visited the beach in the winter where my children didn’t feel the cold and went paddling in the sea anyway.
I want that for them, to be able to look back and see themselves when they were little and be reminded of the countless trips to the beach and walks in the woods where I would stop so they could make dens or dams in streams. That as parents we felt it was important to make memories for them and to document some of those too.

But what I also want for them is to see their parents in those photographs here and there. Now more than ever it feels like we are disappearing from our family photographs. There is the odd group selfie I know, but how often does that photo make it from your phone and Facebook and into an album or onto a wall, I bet hardly ever. I know I am just as guilty of this as anyone else.

Natural Family Photography Competition

What I want for you is to have some of those memory jogging photographs that remind you of a time in your families life. When your children were missing their two front teeth, when they still sucked their thumbs, when they built dens and dams in streams. Even when they are starting to become teenagers and it takes a little while for them to forget that and just enjoy being with you.
This could be anywhere from; a shoot at home baking cakes and playing a board game, a walk in the woods, a picnic, a trip to the beach, a city walk with milkshakes and graffiti, a museum trip, a trip to the zoo or a fairground. WHATEVER it is that you like doing as a family. If you have teenagers make it something they will enjoy doing too and ask them for ideas as well! There is no greater way of getting your children on board than asking for their input.

Natural Family Photography Competition

But what I also want for you is to have some lovely photographs to make into an album or hang on a wall, not just hide on a USB stick until it stops working. So I am giving away a family shoot as I so want other families to be able to have gorgeous photographs of their family to look back on with everyone in them!  I have added photographs of some of the families I have worked with, along with a few of my own children below.  I’ve also added some lovely words written by a client of mine –

“I cannot write here, how much I love the work that you have done for us. They are beyond any of my hopes and wishes and are just exquisite.(and believe me I had high hopes!) You have captured our family so naturally and beautifully and they mean so much to me.” – Rebecca

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PS – if there is a little voice in the back of your head that says “I will when I: have lost a few pounds – got my hair dyed – toned up – bought some nicer clothes” then tell it to do one. Your children will not look back on your family photographs and think “ooooh Mum’s roots are showing!” or “Mum could have done with losing a few pounds!” .. they will look back and wonder why you are never in the photographs. And that’s a sad sad thing that breaks my heart. Your children think you are totally beautiful and perfect and only care that you are in their lives. I promise. xxx

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South Wales family photography Competition

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