I LOVE what I do. And I know that makes me one of the lucky ones. Every day I’m working on the  thing I am passionate about, and I believe that shows in the images I create. I take the time to get  things right, and I pride myself on delivering what I promise. It’s fundamental to who I am as a  person – honest and genuine and dedicated to doing my best work every day.

At University I earned a degree in Illustration. The time I spent there taught me to see. It made me  an observer and a storyteller – two huge pluses when you end up creating photographs for a living.  On the way to being a photographer I indulged my creativity through fine art, ceramics, and graphic  design. All of those experiences feed into the photographs I take today – it’s a way of seeing, of  shaping memories into something solid. Something that lasts.

I became a mum in 2006 and since then, I’ve been laser focused on photography. I am so proud of  the business I’ve built, because its been made on a foundation of getting to know my clients and  telling each story well. It’s not just about the pretty, stand-alone images but also about the  beautiful story telling ones too. All of those stories are filled with emotion, vivid sparks of feeling  that tell a story on their own. If you get the warm fuzzies when you look back on your photographs,  then I’m doing what I always dreamed of.

What to know more about me? Here’s an easily digestible Top 12 list.

1. I love all things geek. Board games, Star Trek (in most of it’s forms) and so much other sci-fi. The Punisher is my favourite Marvel character.
2. I love proper coffee and builder’s tea (though not at the same time).
3. I love people watching in cafes.
4. I love to read and listening to audiobooks. My current obsession is ‘The Expanse’ series by James S.A.Corey. I will be very sad when it’s over.
5. I have a thing for beetles.
6. I forget to breathe in art galleries and when I’m taking photographs.
7. I am married to an American who I met on the Internet in 1999.
8. I have 2 children and love going for long walks with them. We stop every so often to build dens and have some hot chocolate with marshmallows and squirty cream. It’s the little things!
9. True Romance and White Palace are two of my favourite films ever.
10. I love succulents.
11. I say awesome and cool way too much.