Ok so this an epic one, and a story I am so happy to tell because I met Jane and I go way back towards the start of my wedding photography career. And because, despite photographing many Oxford weddings I had never photographed a wedding at any of the Bodleian library buildings. I love the architecture and as a total book fiend I am very fond of libraries, of which Weston is such a book geek’s joy. I’m also a Harry potter fan and the Bodleian Library Divinity School where Oli & Jane were married is where the Hogwarts infirmary scenes were filmed.

I met Jane years ago through a friend of theirs when I photographed Rob & Ana’s wedding. I then went on to photograph the weddings of Camellia & Fabien & Bev & Alex. Again friends of Jane’s. Every wedding was a chance to say hello to everyone again! So I was over the moon to find she had found the love of her life and they wanted me to photograph their wedding day.

I’ll let Jane & Oliver tell you their story below.

How did you meet?

We met in the Seattle airport and only talked because another couple who were strangers got us talking to each other. We were engaged about a year before the wedding.

Tell me about your venue –  Bodleian Library Divinity School & The Weston Library

We chose the Bodleian because it is a stunning location and Oxford is close to both of our hearts. We also wanted to give our guests a classic Oxford wedding.

Tell me about your dress

I loved my veil because I chose it with my mom back in the States. She wasn’t able to be in the UK when I chose my dress so it was fun to be able to go shopping for the shoes and veil together. I loved the length and style of the veil.

Tell me about your decor & styling

We chose to work with Jane at Bicycle Blooms for our flowers. She is incredible and has a gorgeous eye for things. I love the way her flowers always look so natural and soft and pretty. We chose a bike for the entrance as we had a bit of a bike theme throughout our wedding since it is Oxford.

Tell me about the ceremony

The nicest moment was when I was able to walk down the aisle with my dad. I also loved how my nephew kept coming up to the side of the table because he was curious about what was happening. I also loved my mom reading a passage. We both loved having Oli’s grandmother there as well.

Tell me about the entertainment

We had a band at night. They were great! Oli chose American Girl as our first dance. We had clearly not practiced the first dance!

What was your favourite part of the day?

I loved all of it really. The only part that stressed me out a bit was walking from Lincoln to the Bod and stepping on my veil. I felt a bit Bridezilla then! But I loved being surrounded by all of our family and friends.

Words of wisdom for wedding couples to be

I think I would tell them to just enjoy every minute of it and don’t worry about not having a ton of quality time with each guest. Every couple is different so just embrace what makes you happy. And don’t worry about if your guests are having fun – they are! Just relax and have fun.

Tell me about your experience of working with Larissa Joice Photography

I’ve known Larissa for several years since she has photographed a couple of my friends’ weddings. I’ve always really loved her style and love her final product. She is an incredible photographer and puts you at ease. You don’t even realize she is there.

With thanks to the lovely Helen Messenger Photography for being my second on the day and doing an excellent job.

Bodleian Library Wedding in Oxford

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