A wedding split between 2 years at Bristol Register Office,
A boat trip, Bristol Lido and Arnos Vale Wedding Venue.

I met Gabriella & Dave when weddings were very much still being scuppered by Covid 19. Knowing this they had a change of plans and decided to split their wedding day and wedding celebration between two years. The wedding being in the August 2021 and the celebration being the Following spring in 2022, in the hopes that they would be able to celebrate with all of their friends and family by then. In-between they gave birth to the beautiful Rosie, who was still baking during the wedding day itself but who had made an appearance by the time the celebration came around.

I really loved meeting the whole family on two separate occasions. Both very different to each other. Gabriella & Dave’s wedding ceremony was at the Bristol Register Office on a bright August day. After some family photographs we went on to take some photographs with Gabriella and Dave by themselves. Wandering around St. Nicholas’ market and the most excellent graffiti, street art along Bell Lane and the alleyway by Centrespace Studios & Gallery. We made out way to Welsh Back for a boat trip and then taxi’s to Bristol Lido for the wedding meal.  Bristol Lido is a wonderful place to go to eat and swim and I was over the moon to be able to photograph Gabriella & Dave there as well.

The second part of their wedding celebration was a few months later in the spring, at Arnos Vale Cemetery, also in Bristol. We met for some more photographs with G&D. The plan was to bring Rosie, but she needed to sleep. And everyone knows, if you mess with a babies sleep, it’s just not going to go well! Then friends and family arrived and we moved into the Anglican Chapel for speeches and a lovely meal. To the Spielman centre while the room was being turned around. And back to the Chapel for a Great British Bake off style cake competition and then the band and much dancing!

Gabriella & Dave have wonderfully written all about the first half of their wedding for me below. And then you’ll find photos from BOTH days beyond that.  Enjoy!



Our story

I think it is definitely true that you find the right person when you stop looking or least expect to! Dave and I first met at a job interview. Dave was the first person I met when I came in, he boasted about his superior tea making skills then went back into the office to gossip with everyone else about “the new girl”. After months of pretending that there was nothing going on and thinking that all our colleagues hadn’t notice anything either, we decided to make it “official”. Fast forward 5 years of fun, great food and fantastic holidays, we bought our first house in 2019.

Dave, knowing how much I love Christmas, proposed on Christmas Eve in our new home, then served up my favourite dish (sausage and fennel pasta) before our families arrived to celebrate with us. Never ones to hang about we got to planning in January and knew that we didn’t want to say our vows in front of a huge crowd so decided to split our day, we would have a small ceremony with our families at the register office then go out for dinner on Wednesday, then have two days break and have a big party with all our friends on the Saturday night. So we booked our venues, photographer, caterer, band and florist for 2021; I also bought my dress. Then we all know what happened next. Strangely we initially felt lucky, unlike lots of our friends due to get married in 2020 and having to navigate so much uncertainty, we felt like our date was safe. There was no way that this would last a whole year! But as time wore on and we realised that April 2021 would still have restrictions and uncertainty and there was no way that my dad (who live in Malaysia) would be able to make it back to the UK to be a part of it, so we decided to postpone. We pushed back our party date by a year to 2022 but didn’t want to wait that long to “do the official bit” so organised our registry office wedding with family for August 2021.

The location and venues

Knowing that we wanted our legal ceremony and party to be separate we knew from the start that we would want two venues. We have both always loved to look and location of the Old Council buildings and registry office in the City Centre so that was an easy choice for our legal ceremony. We got married in the Mayoral room but that choice was purely a cost and numbers decision! We wanted the day of our ceremony to feel relaxed and to be focused on spending time with our family as we hadn’t had much opportunity to do so. We picked places that we love going to for the day so that we could share them with our family. Dave and I love going to the Clifton Lido either to use the pool and spa or to eat and we were really pleased that the team were able to help us celebrate. The food is outstanding and having delicious food was an important part of the day for us.

What you wore

By the time we got married I was 34 weeks pregnant so my first thought was finding a dress that would fit my bump! This was harder than I thought as there isn’t a huge range of “maternity wedding dresses” and those I found were really traditional, which just isn’t me. I didn’t want anything too formal as our day was relaxed and informal. I saw that Beyond Nine were selling a white linen wrap dress that would look good my bump but was also something I could wear again which I loved the idea of. I kept my jewellery simple and just wore some gold and pearl earrings I had bought on a holiday Dave and I had taken the year before. My mum sewed some small charms into my dress that we had bought for my sister’s wedding, a little blue heart and two cat charms.to represent my two cats, Percy and Hebe. It felt really special knowing that they were hidden away on the inside of my dress on that day. Dave wanted to keep his suit a secret from me until we met to get married, he kept saying that if I was allowed secrets, he was too! He really liked the look of tweed and also wanted to buy something that felt special but he could wear again. He found the perfect 3 piece suit in Haig and Harrisons in Redland and then had it tailored by a local seamstress.

The Decor & Styling

We really wanted our wedding day to reflect our life in Bristol so wanted that to be the main focus, going to great places that we loved and making sure that the city was the backdrop to the day. Because we were having a city wedding, our florist, Flicky, was able to contrast this with really wild looking and colourful flowers. My bouquet was quite loose and wild and not too formal. Flicky also went to the Lido in the afternoon and styled the table for us in the restaurant with bud vases and tea lights and foliage.

The Ceremony

We really enjoyed having an intimate ceremony with our families there but didn’t want it to take too long. We picked our vows from the options offered by the registry office and made sure that what we were saying were things that we really believed in. We had just one reading which my sister and brother-in-law read for us, it was John Cooper Clarke “I’m Yours” which is one of our favourite poems and also the lyrics to one of our favourite Arctic Monkey’s songs so win-win.

Our best part of the day

We both agree that the best part of our day was the boat ride through Bristol harbour. Sitting in the sun, drinking Prosecco, catching up with family we hadn’t seen for ages and eating cake, all whilst getting to look at the city from a different perspective was just fantastic.

The Honeymoon

We had our honeymoon in Padstow three months before the wedding. Being pregnant was the main factor in choosing the time so I could enjoy myself and also we weren’t at risk of me giving birth whilst away (a wise plan as it turned out as we had our daughter two weeks after getting married!). We stayed in a great guest house in Padstow and ate loads of fresh fish and spent our days at the beach – absolute bliss.

Our words of wisdom

The one thing we would say is do it how you want. Don’t worry about what is traditionally done at a wedding or the traditional format of the day. If it doesn’t work for you then don’t do it. In some ways we were lucky that Covid gave us the opportunity to throw some of the rules our and create a day that worked perfectly for us.

About Larissa Joice Photography

We cannot say enough how happy we are with the photographs from our wedding. Larissa captured our day exactly as we had hoped – getting beautiful, not cheesy photos and catching all the wonderful moments with our family. We found Larissa when looking at blog posts of weddings at our party venue (Arnos Vale). When we found her website I became a bit obsessed with looking through all the old blogs as I couldn’t get over how much I loved the style. We knew that we didn’t want a photographer who was going to be really formal or who would make us stand in cringey poses to get photos that we wouldn’t ever want to use. After talking to Larissa we knew that she would be a great fit for us. Working with Larissa in the lead up to our wedding was great, she was so accommodating as things kept changing and was really calm and solution focused. On the day itself it was just like having another member of the family around (who was bloody great at taking photos) which was perfect as our guest list was so small. She was always in the right place at the right time, suggested we moved locations for some photos as the lighting wasn’t right which meant that we ended up with the perfect photos. Her attention to detail was second to none and she even managed to keep my dad and grandma in order whilst doing family photos which is no mean feat! Larissa joined us for dinner in the evening and now my family can’t stop asking about her and can’t wait to see her at the party in April.





Bride’s dress – https://beyondnine.co.uk
Dress: Heartleaf dress – Willowby by Watters
Bought from The White Collection, Portishead
Groom’s Suit – https://www.facebook.com/haigharrisons/
Bride’s shoes – Makeup – https://www.patisanchezmakeup.com
Hair – https://bonominihair.co.uk
Florist – https://dotandthedandelion.com
Drinks location – https://www.strawberrythiefbar.com
Bride’s shoes – https://www.asos.com/
Dinner location – https://www.lidobristol.com
Ferry ride – https://www.bristolferry.com

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