This is Imogen & Andy’s story. Their fun and relaxed Avoncroft wedding.

All the way through from Engagement shoot in the Malvern Hills to the end of their wedding day at Avoncroft Museum, which is near Birmingham. It’s the wedding for you if you’re looking for a fun & relaxed wedding where family, food and enjoyment come first. The day started at Imogen’s family home and then on to Avoncroft Museum for the ceremony, afternoon tea, train rides, stone baked pizza, historic buildings, beautiful grounds, a windmill and a vintage car ride. For the engagement shoot, a walk up the Malvern Hills. It was one to remember for sure. I’ll let Imogen & Andy tell you everything in their words below.

Our Story

Andy and I met at Uni, and promptly got together 3 years after graduating! We both did Geology at Cardiff Uni, and I remember meeting this drunken mess one night during freshers week at the Student Union. Little did I know he would end up my husband! Once we had both graduated, done masters, moved away and come back to the Midlands we decided to meet up- and I suppose the rest is pretty obvious. 5 years later, a few of them long distance (for a period of time he kept moving further away from me) we ended up settled in Birmingham. He proposed to me in bed on a Sunday morning, which couldn’t have been any more perfect. Bought my favourite breakfast in bed (tomato and Iberico ham on toast FYI) and asked me to marry him. We were always keen for a short ish engagement, so decided to get married the following May.

Our Venue

We’re outdoorsy people, so green space was definitely important to us. We only visited 2 venues (both on the same morning- you can’t say we aren’t efficient), and decided to go with the first one. We went for Avoncroft Museum of historical buildings, which has a beautiful hall for the ceremony and food, and a load of old buildings and grounds to explore. Additionally, it had a telephone box Exhibit and a model train you could ride round on. What isn’t there to love!

Our Outfits

We decided early on to get Andys suit made, and he wanted something a bit different to the usual dark blue. On an off chance I found a lovely light blue fabric and he loved it. He went for a two piece suit, yellow tie and multi coloured pocket square. I couldn’t find a dress I loved in the shops, so ended up buying a Galvan bridal dress from Matches. I tried it on, and whilst I never felt that stereotypical bride trying on THE dress feeling- it just felt right. I needed someone to wear over it so had a bespoke jacket made by Kula Tsurdiu in Nottingham. It’s made of the most lovely laser cut lace, with big bell sleeves- and truly felt special. For shoes, I bought some blue loafers from Office. I was intending to do a lot of dancing, so comfort was key.

Our Decor & Styling

We only had one stipulation, and that was for the flowers to be seasonal. There was no colour theme, and that allowed the whole planning aspect to be really relaxed. We trusted the venue to do the table flowers in the way they thought would be best, and my Mum did the ceremony flowers and buttonholes. She made massive bouquets that looked truly amazing.

The Ceremony

Wonderfully, our friend who moved to New Zealand recently. Not only came back for the wedding, but agreed to be the celebrant. It added a hugely personal touch, and it was great for me and Andy to be standing up there with someone who we knew so well. Louis (celebrant) wrote the main body of the ceremony and me and Andy wrote individual vows. It was funny, sweet and emotional all in one- we truly couldn’t have asked for anything better.


We had the model train rides, which were a hit from ages 2-82, plus a band in the evening. They were great, it was a 7 piece band complete with a brass section. We definitely had a great time dancing!

The First Dance

Our first dance was the Coral, Dreaming of You. For no reason other than the fact it’s a great song. We won’t talk about the part of the dance I accidentally elbowed Andy in the face….

Our Favourite Part of the Day

I couldn’t pick a favourite part. Every single little bit was so incredibly special. To be surrounded by all the people we love was the most amazing experience.

Words of Wisdom

Don’t stress about it- it will be fine. We messed up immediately by booking a venue and there not being a registrar available on that day. It turned out to be the best thing ever, as our friend got to be celebrant and we did the legal stuff the day before with just close family- which was perfect.


We went to Paris for a couple of days and then onto Corsica. It was the best two weeks, eating, drinking and walking. My hangover didn’t think so at the time, but leaving the day after the wedding was perfect, really allowed you to stay in the newlywed bubble.

Our Photographer

Why we booked Larissa – Larissa was perfect. We both had fears about being photographed, but it was all really natural and the end result is fantastic. There was nothing forced, they just really capture the fun we had.

Did you have any concerns before you started working with me? – Concerns were all related to having our photos taken and us looking horrible. But that wasn’t to do with you- it was a general fear with photographers. You came across as the most approachable of the people we had spoken to by far.

Would you recommend me to others? – Absolutely, at every moment you’ve been supportive and helpful- and the end results are just fantastic.

What’s the most important thing people should know about working with me? – That you’re very thorough and organised, and take beautiful photos

Overall Feedback – Working with Larissa was fantastic. She was perfect at every stage of the process, and we couldn’t be more happy with the final results. We were apprehensive as having a Photographer seemed so alien, but the photos look so natural, and captured the day perfectly.


Evening pizza-
Florist- my mum, but flowers for the day before from


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