Yvette & Nicholas were really really not into public displays of affection and that was totally fine by me. I would never want to make anyone feel uncomfortable on a shoot, I always just go with the flow and what my clients are comfortable with. If you are super huggy clients who hang off each other then that’s fine too. For me it’s all about the shoot reflecting who you are as individuals. Not expecting you to be the same as all of my other clients. Because you simply aren’t. Thankfully! That would make my life terribly boring and would be doing you a disservice. So I cherish the differences and embrace them.

Calling this just an ‘Oxford Graduation Shoot’ is really an understatement. Yvette & Nicholas did book me for a graduation shoot, that is true .. but honestly I feel like that does it an injustice. They wanted a few photographs for the family with Nicholas standing with his Cap & Gown looking all formal and proud. But what they also wanted was photographs as a reminder of their favorite places in Oxford. Places where they used to hang out, places that held wonderful memories for them both. So although there was a plan to the shoot and we knew where we wanted to go, we found wonderful places as we walked between the ones that were super important to them.

We started the shoot at Wadham College & Gardens and visited the Radcliffe Camera, The Covered Market, Christchurch College & Dinning Hall (inspiration for the famous Harry Potter ‘Hogwart’s Dining Hall’), The Sheldonian Theatre and finished at Blackwell’s Bookshop.

Wadham College & Gardens
Radcliffe Camera
The Covered Market
Christchurch College & Dinning Hall
Harry Potter – Hogwart’s Dinning Hall
OMG you can pay to eat there!! – I don’t know if this is ongoing, but WHAT an experience!!
The Sheldonian Theatre
Blackwell’s Bookshop.

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