If my wedding photographer friends are anything to go by, Bluestone in West Wales is THE place to be in January. It’s the time when we have a gap in bookings where we can relax and recoup in good time for wedding season to start again in Spring. Strangely though we all seem to miss each other by a week! I have visited Bluestone in July and also in November and would have to say I enjoyed every single time.

So what’s Bluestone?

For those that don’t know, Bluestone is a lovely holiday village in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. We holiday in Pembrokeshire 2 or 3 times a year and mostly you will find us camping. However it being January and seeing as we are just not that hardcore, Bluestone was the choice of venue. It’s also the thriftiest time of year to visit. Because no one in their right mind (except maybe wedding photographers) go on holiday to Wales in January. Bluestone has a lot going for it, with the wonderful ‘Blue lagoon’ water park with its ‘lazy river’ that freezes your head while it takes you outside for a few metres. There are flumes as well, one of which also goes outside with 2 stop offs at outside pools which you can lounge in on your way down, in the winter they are a bit nippy.

There are also a selection of eateries, including a relatively new cafe with really tasty ice-cream and good coffee and a Fish & Chip van which is open in the evenings. There’s an indoor play centre with a vast wooden climbing tree house style play area and if you book ahead there are climbing walls and high ropes to play on too. The restaurant pictured is ‘Ultracomida’ in Narberth just down the road from Bluestone and the fish & chip van was in Bluestone itself. They were really really tasty! We got some on the way back from a wander around the ‘Light Thingy’. It was the loveliest thing with light shows and a whole hillside of the tiniest little Fairy windows with little parties going on inside. We all loved it!

The beaches

Pembrokeshire has some of the best beaches in the UK and there are kinds to suit everyone too. Those who like them for surfing, building dams, exploring rock pools, lazing around on sand and those who dislike sand and want stones. Some are easy to get to and have parking close by and some are a good long walk aways. The beaches pictured below are Broadhaven (we walked through Bosherston Lilly Ponds to get to it), Manorbier and Freshwater West. If you visit and are either very hardy or the weather is nice I would also thoroughly recommend a visit to the Preseli Hills in the North of Pembrokeshire as the view from the tops is stunning.

These are lovely photographs but where are you?

I love my family holiday photographs. I love looking back and being reminded of the fun we had. But there is one thing about these photographs that bugs me. I’m not in a single one. I should have at least turned the camera around a few times to make sure I was in a photograph or two. There’s a few random shots of the back of me taken by the children on their camera’s but that’s it. It is such a reminder to be present in your family photographs no matter how you may feel about being in front of the camera. How often are you in your holiday photographs with your children? Because in years to come when your children look back at the photographs they will ask “But where was Mum?” .. “What did she look like when I was small?” .. “Did she have a good time too?”.

Family holiday photoshoots

I’m not sure that many people think to book a family shoot whilst on holiday but I want it to become a thing. I want parents to have photographs of themselves having fun with their children on the beach or when doing the high ropes & zip wires at Bluestone or Go Ape or when you have been walking through the most amazing Bluebell woods in Pembrokeshire and stop to build a den and have a picnic. Don’t just wait till you think you are picture perfect after a trip to the hairdressers with your make-up just so. Do it when you are warmed by the sun on a long walk or drenched from a sudden downpour on the beach. When you have had the most wonderful day being happy doing nothing but enjoying your family. Because to your children that IS picture perfect!

If you have any questions about Pembrokeshire beaches or would like to book a family photoshoot, either at home or during your holiday in Pembrokeshire or you have a wedding enquiry then drop me a link by visiting my CONTACT page.
You can also find out more about my family shoots here.

Pembrokeshire Family and Wedding Photographer Pembrokeshire Family and Wedding Photographer

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May 15, 2017
Lasissa these are ace,they exactly the kind of photos that the kids will be so glad to have in the future! I love the sea foam ones... brilliant set.

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