You’re unique and I don’t shoot to a template.
So the images from your wedding day will reflect you authentically with no awkward posing.


There may be cheese but only ever by mutual agreement. If you’re feeling unsure, hold  hands a little tighter and look at the one you’re marrying.
It’s a simple trick that really  works. Because the two of you lost in each other is the shot you’ll both love.

Who needs more to worry about when you’re planning the biggest day of your life? So let’s  keep things simple.
Book the hours you need and receive the photographs from your day.  No hidden fees. No surprises.

You could have chosen a church, a barn or a hillside. You could have invited two witnesses,  or two hundred of your nearest and dearest. Whether you’re enjoying silver service, or a  relaxed pub meal, these are the details. The foundation of the day is a celebration of the  person you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life with. So for me, it’s all about the love,  the vows you make and the people you share that with.

North Wales Wedding Photography

Because I’ll put you at ease on your wedding day. I’ll give you space. I’ll give you direction if  you need it. I’ll be gentle. I’ll be respectful. I’ll be quietly organised. I’ll be light hearted.
I’ll  be watchful. I’ll be dedicated to achieving my best work yet on the day you get married.

I’m super organised and always well prepared. That attention to detail helps me be really  chilled on your day, so that you get to relax without interruption. There’s creative freedom  in being ready for the unexpected, which means you get the best result possible, no matter  what happens.

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Just so you know, I am not: Precious. All about the look. Indifferent. Formal. Pernickety,  Rigid. Impersonal. (I’m guessing you’re not either.)

But I am: Stories. Emotions. Authenticity. Honourable. Patience. Warmth. Attentive.  Devoted.

You’re relaxed and informal and you love the sneaky ninja photographer images the most. I  do too. But I also know that on your wedding day you’re gathering together the most  important people in your lives, sometimes for the first time. So I’m very happy to make sure  we record that with a handful of more formal family portraits. They’ll be the traditional  group shots with smiling faces, but they’ll be quick and fun and won’t ruin the flow of the  day. (If you don’t know what “sneaky ninja photographer” images look like, take a peek  here.)

I love the job that I do, but I take it very seriously. So I’m fully prepared with backups and  extra cards and batteries. You should feel secure and have peace of mind when you select  your photographer, so you should definitely know that I have workflows in place to ensure  that I take care of your photographs at every stage of the process, from immediately  backing up the shots from your day, to archiving your images for the future.

I’ve enjoyed building my business up over many years, and that experience means that I arrive at your wedding day fresh and ready to capture the uniqueness I see as it unfold.

I’m fully insured. It’s not the sexiest reason to book a photographer, but it’s a fundamental  part of running a professional business.

 – Because I rescue sheep from fences while at the same time shooting wedding portraits on top of a mountain.
– Because I usually carry sticking plasters and a sewing kit at every  wedding.
– Because I’ll lend your mother my coat if she’s cold.
– Because I’ll compliment both Mother’s-in-law on their impeccable taste when they both turn up wearing the same hat.
– Because I’ll tell you it’ll all be ok when there’s a power cut 10 minutes before your ceremony (and it was).
– Because I’ll beg your venue to let us have confetti inside because it’s raining outside.

 If I cry at your wedding it’s because I’m a soft git. Or hopeless romantic. You decide.

So that was the all words bit for reasons to book me.
If you want to see my wedding photography portfolio for more reasons click here.
If reading has done the trick and you want to go right ahead and send me an enquiry go here.