As a photographer we spend our lives creating gorgeous images. We want them to be as perfect as possible, but because weddings are not shot in a perfectly lit studio we sometimes come across things that get in the way of that perfection. You have a bunch of blinks in a formal shot, someone photo-bombs your epic wedding landscape or a child grimaces in one shot even though everything else is perfect. White balance and wonky horizons need fixing and then you want to make sure your images fit your style and so you need a preset adding.

You also want a life. You want down time, time with family, time to spend on self care and time to be creative. This is where I come in. I am a perfectionist. I love turning an image around from its raw form to it’s finished beauty. Showing off the work you do at its best.

I am not a big retouching house. You will receive the same detailed and personalised service for every single image or shoot to ensure consistency of work. I get to know your idiosyncrasies, how you work and your style and I will always be at the end of the phone or email.


Generally means – Adding, swapping or removing something in an image. Removing distractions.
Mostly smaller number of images using Photoshop.

Please note the above is a guide only. For a detailed estimate please get in touch.
Turnaround time dependant on deadline.


Small blemish removals
Small simple item removal
Under / Over exposure fix
Simple lens flares
Basic eye swap
Chin reduction (simple)
Simple head swap



More complicated head swap
Extend background
Remove standard items from images
Larger lens flares
Gentle curve reducing (no patterns)



Beauty portrait retouching (not fashion)
Replace background with solid colour
Add or remove 1 person
Complicated head swaps
Gentle curve reducing (with patterns)



Complicated image composites
Complicated item removal
Multiple people swaps
Baby composites
Architectural work

10% discount for 10+ images or for jobs that are also edited or culled by me.


EDITING – for large batches of images using LR and for culling please get in touch.



Maybe you really would like to edit & retouch your own work but you struggle to work out the best way to get from A to B. You might not be quite sure how to do it or if you are using the most effective way to get there. Or maybe you edit it and the result doesn’t look quite real enough.  I so often see people struggle with Photoshop. Some of it is technical ability but a lot is down to confidence.

So in answer to this I offer one to one training sessions. In each session you will learn the things you need to be able to retouch your own images. You’ll be able to streamline your retouching so that the time taken over an image reduces, as does your stress. You will discover that retouching your own images is something that is attainable and is something you can do on a regular basis when you need to.


  • You’ll be learning from an expert with over 25 years of experience in Photoshop & Lightroom.
  • I have previously taught all experience levels from ages 8-85 and will adapt to how you learn best.
  • Each session is tailored to your own learning needs and working with your own images.
  • No matter what you want to learn at whatever level you can be reassured that you are in safe hands with immense patience and no judgement.
  • You can relax, take your time and come back to me with questions at any time.
  • You will be sent a recording of the ZOOM session to go back through at your leisure.**


To enquire about a mentoring session just fill in the below form with your details  and I’ll get back to you to find out more and to discuss dates.


You will need to provide me with the images that you want to work on before your session. This will give me time to write a personalised plan for each session to make the most of your time. I will be using the ZOOM conferencing and screen sharing service and Adobe PS CC & LR for training. ZOOM is excellent as it has the option to screen share and record the session. It is easy to use so won’t add any stress.

£50 per hour in ZOOM or in person

* In person sessions must be booked in 2 hr blocks. Travel will be charged at 45ppm over 25 miles from Chepstow.
** this is for your eyes only and must not be shared.



Images sent via Dropbox ([email protected]), Wetransfer or email to [email protected].
For head / eye / people swaps please supply the replacement body item.
The same applies if possible for removal of background items. If you have the right piece to jigsaw in please do send multiple images, it makes my life (and the final image) a whole lot better. Please send detailed instructions about the retouching needed to which images. As much as I try I am not a mind reader.
Please name Dropbox folders using the format – ‘Your name + my name + retouching’ with a dated folder inside. Please also keep a local copy. Do not rely on Dropbox as your only copy. Larissa Joice Photography will not be held responsible for lost original or finished images.
Fee paid is per edit.  If, on return of edited images there is something I have missed or needs tweaking as per original request there will be no additional fee. If the image is sent back with additional edits outside of the original request then the image may incur additional fees.


With thanks to –  Photography by Paloma / Rowan Williams / Owen Mathias / Tracy Williams / Photography by Andisheh / Claire Penn Photography / Whole Picture Photography & Cheryl Small for the use of images.